JC Grooves is a unique program of dance training, performance, first-hand exposure to working with professional dancers and musicians, and arts education for Jersey City middle school students. Known for its innovative community-based dance programs and performances, Nimbus Dance Works has designed “JC Grooves” to incorporate three major components: 

A 12-16 session intensive program of dance training, creativity, small group dynamics, collaboration, and performance for a select group of 25 6th – 8th graders. The program promotes development in the areas communication, responsibility, self-confidence, teamwork, physical fitness, self-awareness, and creativity/problem solving. It weaves together intensive work on dance technique, rehearsal for performances, student-initiated choreography, as well as team-building and communication exercises. The students create and perform their own work as well as perform alongside the professional dancers from Nimbus Dance Works in the final performances.